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Availinnovations seeks to become the alternative offshore software development company for customers who require complete customized software development solutions.

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Availinnovations complete software development lifecycle services include specification, development, design, testing, documentation, delivery and customer support.

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Avail Innovation's winning team is passionate about providing outstanding results. Our proficiency in Oracle, Java, Windows and LINUX technologies allows us to ...

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Advantages Advantages
1. Lower cost.
Significant cost savings.
2. Lots of
available programmers.
3. Gain access
to great capabilities.
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Advantages of Avail Innovations | Offshore Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing. Pros and cons

At a time when there is a critical shortage of IT software professionals nationwide, outsourcing has become one of the few alternatives for solving the shortfall. In many cases software outsourcing offers productivity and quality improvements, as well as significant cost savings.

Software Outsourcing Advantages

  • Lower cost. Significant cost savings. Software development expenditure reduction thanks to a much lower cost of labor in certain countries, which can be 4 to 8 times less for adequately qualified specialists, depending on their country of residence. An off-site lower cost structure reduces your operation costs and increases your competitive advantage.

  • Free resources for core business improvement. You have resources available for critical projects.

  • Lots of available programmers. A skilled professional is an expensive resource in a developed country. The necessary talent is difficult to find just when required. Here at Availinnovations you gain access to our capacities of skilled and experienced IT specialists.

  • Gain access to world-class capabilities. The outsourcing companies gain expertise, working with many clients facing similar challenges. This combination of specialization with expertise helps you to avoid the cost of chasing technology and training.

  • Advanced technology has made the world closer. Cheap powerful computer systems, hardware equipment, advanced training facilities and the Internet has made off-site development very practical. The emerging communication improvements have significantly reduced the cost involved in off-site developments.

  • Short duration. When facing a large project but of short duration, you can use Offshore software programming to limit the number of new employees and administrative support personnel you must take on.

Software Outsourcing Disadvantages

  • Not all projects are ideal for outsourcing. Too sophisticated projects may be unsuitable for outsourcing for the amount of necessary communication may be so high and eat up the outsourcing cost advantage. In these cases we recommend other solutions.

  • The risk that the vendor might not be able to achieve the desired and might fail.

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