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Availinnovations seeks to become the alternative offshore software development company for customers who require complete customized software development solutions.

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Availinnovations complete software development lifecycle services include specification, development, design, testing, documentation, delivery and customer support.

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Avail Innovation's winning team is passionate about providing outstanding results. Our proficiency in Oracle, Java, Windows and LINUX technologies allows us to ...

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Avail Innovations | Modes of operation

Modes of operation

Availinnovations offers two basic types of cooperation models during project implementation:

Fixed Price / Fixed Date Scenario

This is the project-oriented scheme of collaboration. Availinnovations 's expertise allows the company to execute complete software engineering life-cycles, from the Project Vision (or Business Requirements) to the customer's implementation of solutions. Also, we provide corresponding training and maintenance during this period. Thus, information on the project's budget and time frames is available before the project starts.

Usually the customer is asked to fill in a Request for Quotation form, providing a detailed project description. An assigned Availinnovations project manager elaborates and clarifies project details with the customer by phone and/or e-mail. In some cases, when the customer is not able to create a complete specification for the project (due to lack of time, etc) the Availinnovations project manager will create the specification by interacting with the customer (by sending to the Customer questions and proposals).

Upon completing a specification that is agreeable to both sides, Availinnovations specialists will provide the project implementation plans and estimates (the required budget and timetable). When the customer agrees to the created project estimate and working plan, the project implementation phase will begin.

The Project Implementation Phase requires minimal attention from a client. During product development the customer receives Project Status Reports on a weekly basis (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly upon request.) In accordance with the milestones/timetable, Availinnovations provides the customer with incremental deliveries, final delivery, and the warranty period.

The principal benefit of this approach is the minimal involvement of the client in the software development process allowing them to save their resources. ISO certified procedures and the presence of the independent Testing department and the Quality Assurance department guarantees service quality and reliability.

Time and Material Scenario

This is the scheme of collaboration in which Availinnovations 's software development, design, and testing staff work as a virtual extension of the customer's team. In other words, we provide the client with a fixed work resource for a fixed payment. Usually the client will assign tasks to be fulfilled by the resources we provide. As a rule, the customer receives a regular report on the work being done. We pride ourselves on the fact that our excellent professional level as well as the necessary quality level is still maintained.

This approach is preferable for relatively large projects with continuously changing specifications, and for projects that require project management from the client's team.

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